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Workshops: FAQ

Wolfpack Series

Using Abby Wambach’s book, Wolfpack, as a springboard, this inclusive workshop’s goal is to inspire and motivate girls to “change the game” through the power of themselves and their pack (other young girls) regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. The group of girls will engage together with book talks, discussion, journal reflection, and motivating activities.

Healthy Friendships

This workshop will engage girls in collaborative conversation and activities around healthy friendships. The healthy friendship series will tackle the following questions:

*What kind of friend am I?

*What kind of qualities do I possess as a friend?

*What qualities do I look for in my friends?

*How can I say I am sorry when I make a mistake that involves my friend?

*What are strategies I can use to make new friends?

*How should I handle friendships that no longer make me feel good about myself?

*What coping skills should I use when unhealthy friendships cause me to feel sad or lonely

*And more...


This interactive workshop is designed to to explore the power of self-esteem through discussions, journaling, self-discovery and arts & crafts. Topics that will be covered are:

*What self-esteem is and why it is important.

*How to celebrate and reflect on my strengths.

*The importance of having a growth mindset.

*How to use positive self-talk.

*How to develop coping skill to handle low-self esteem.

*How to use kindness and encouragement to build self-esteem in others.

Girl Scout Troops

Girl Scouts we have something perfect for you!  Now offering 2 workshops for Girl Scout Troops where we will come to your meeting and guide girls through an interactive experience. Our Heathy Friendships Workshop is focused on building and maintaining healthy friendships. A fun way to help troops navigate changing friendships while earning a patch. Our Self-Esteem Workshop is focused on learning about self-esteem, celebrating strengths, positive self-talk and how to build up self-esteem in others by using kindness and encouragement.  Troop leaders, parents, or community members if you are interested in more information about our Workshops for Girl Scouts please inquire by filling out the form in the link provided.

Fill Out Interest Form Here

Navigating Middle School

This workshop will combine a variety of activities (discussions, arts & crafts projects, movement, and FUN). All activities explore: navigating middle school friendships, healthy self-care practices; self advocacy strategies; being your best YOU through these years.

Customizable Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Please email us at and let us know what you are looking for.

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