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Testimonials: Testimonials

Quick thanks to you guys for putting on this workshop, **** is LOVING it and gets so excited to attend – she is SO sad there is only one session left! This is an amazing bright spot in this crazy, crazy year. The topics you are addressing with our daughters are so valuable, and they will absolutely remember this as they grow into young leaders both in their professional and athletic pursuits. Very interested if you expand your workshops in the future, as **** will jump at the chance to attend another session. Thanks again for making this a fun and valuable experience for our girls!


Thank you!  For that amazing workshop.  Z** came home so excited about all of it.  Her first comment was "I wish it was longer". This  coming from a girl who can't sit through anything. :) She showed me her worksheets and talked about it for hours.  She is so grateful for what she's learned and loves that her friends were in class with her.  She thinks every one of the girl in 5th and 6th grade need this.  SO do i!  What a wonderful thing for them to learn and what a great skill to have at this age. I'm so grateful you're doing this and hope you know how powerful it is!

Steffani L

 I am really grateful that my daughter had the opportunity to participate in the Healthy Friendships Workshop. It could not have come at a better time for her and, despite being a little apprehensive walking into it, she found it so valuable. Listening to her and and her friend debrief in the car on the way home last night was really moving as it's clear these girls truly reflected on who they are as friends but also in the types of friendships they have and want to cultivate going forward. This is not easy "work" at any age, especially in middle school, so a huge kudos to both of you for running such an important workshop and for empowering these amazing girls.


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